• David Sutton discusses the ValueArc impact with ISS and how it positioned them for an acquisition by IBM.

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ValueArcTM is a proven system designed to help you
discover your company’s maximum (and often hidden) value –
and project that value to meet strategic goals.

If you’re a B2B or technology company, you already know how challenging it is to find growth. But odds are, your company has market value that extends well beyond your individual products and services. The question is: do your customers and prospects recognize and appreciate this value? More often than not, they don’t – and if you can’t control and effectively position yourself, you’ll be positioned by the market. This “value gap” makes it harder for you to compete and sustain profitability. That’s why ValueArc was created: to help uncover your hidden value, harness its power and reposition your brand for maximum growth. Trusted by
startups and the Fortune 1000 , ValueArc identifies your value gap – and bridges it with branding.

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ValueArc helps you:



Your greatest market value is not found merely in your existing products. It could be hidden in your strategic relationships, service methods or vision for the future. ValueArc can help you identify your most valuable intangible assets.



Odds are there’s a perception gap in your marketplace. If you’re not positioning yourself properly, the market will position you – by default. ValueArc can help you claim the most favorable position to maximize your brand value.



Once you’ve strategically repositioned your business, how do you launch your messages into the market? ValueArc can deliver a powerful brand architecture with compelling visual elements that elevate your messages.



Projecting your value to the market requires an understanding of the many avenues for communication. ValueArc provides a high-level campaign architecture for reaching your audience in the most effective and efficient way.

Internet security is a highly competitive market. ValueArc helped us identify our intangible assets and harness their power to reposition our value. The result: an acquisition by IBM for five times our annual revenue.”

C. David Sutton

Former Director of Marketing – Internet Security Systems (ISS)


The ValueArcTM Process At-a-glance



ValueArc Discovery

Discovery helps you gather and organize critical information and opinions about your business and market through interviews, secondary research, surveys and studies from analysts and other credible, third-party sources.


ValueArc Value PillarTM

A unique, guided session with key company stakeholders, the Value Pillar process helps create concensus around your company’s core market claim, and collect the inventory of attributes that support a strategic position.


ValueArc Messaging Pyramid

The Messaging Pyramid translates the elements of your positioning architecture into a hierarchal framework, giving you a succinct “story line” to assure message continuity and discipline across your communications.



Brand Audit

ValueArc Ascent begins with a deep brand audit and analysis. This includes deep research to help determine your perceived strengths and weaknesses within your market – and where your brand opportunities exist.



The “brandscape” delivers a competitive analysis of your visual marketplace and provides fresh strategies and recommendations for standing out – from color to graphics to typography and more.


Brand Architecture

The brand architecture is your blueprint for delivering your brand to the market. It includes a "brand ecosystem" of applications, including identity solutions, website homepage and collateral templates, a brand guide and more.



Opportunity Assessment

ValueArc Horizon starts with an inspection of the opportunities that exist for reaching your market. Who you are trying to influence or convert? What actions do you want them to take? And what are the overall goals and budgetary parameters?


Campaign Architecture

Once the opportunities have been identified, a campaign architecture is developed – helping you determine the essential elements of a complete campaign, and how these components relate to each other in an intergrated strategy.


Go-to-market Blueprint

Your go-to-market blueprint is your “magna carta” for delivering your campaign to the market. From media strategies to channel recruitment to sales acceleration programs, your blueprint will help you build it all.

“I have used the ValueArc process at three different ventures, and the result is always the same: better marketing, more sales and greater value – even an acquisition. I call that reliable.”

Tom Turner

President of Datamax and CEO of Itronix



  • ValueArc Success SnapShot:
    IBM Internet Security Systems


  • The ValueArc Process can help your business identify the “Value Gap” in your positioning


  • ValueArc gives you the tools to build a complete “Marketing Blueprint” to reach a position of maximum strategic value.


Value Box

Think inside the “Value Box”

There’s a good chance that everything you need is already inside your business, waiting to be discovered. You just need the right tools – and guidance – to get inside. See how our Value Guides equip you with the necessary equipment to scale the mountain – and find your hidden value.



ValueArc Basecamp Independent Program Workbook

Yours for Free (a $1500 value)

It’s all here: years of proven systems and methodologies for unlocking
your company’s greatest value – and greatest potential. This in-depth workbook contains a step-by-step process that shows you how to collect data, conduct executive sessions, develop a position framework and build an effective message hierarchy. The workbook also includes questionnaires and examples to help guide you through the process.

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